Vladiswar Nadishana, Extraordinary Musician

The world is full of the most amazingly creative people – happily – and one of them is assuredly this guy, Vladiswar Nadishana, a multi-instrumentalist musician from Siberia of all places (name me one other Siberian musician….), who plays an amazing range of percussion and blown instruments, as well as developing some very odd, but captivating ones, such as this unlikely instrument, a saucepan lid and a bowl full of water..   Unlikely, but enjoyable.

Isn’t that amazing?  Strange little voice it has….   Personally I find it extremely endearing.

He also plays what I assume is a Siberian version of a Duduk, that haunting Armenian instrument, the Siberian version being called a Duclar, similar name, similar music.

Here he is playing the Duclar with a fellow musician who is playing what I believe is called a RAV drum, a variant on the oil can drums of the Caribbean musicians….

To demonstrate the breadth of his skills, here he is playing a specially tuned 7 bladed Jaws Harp (sometimes known as a Jews Harp).

So there you have him, a very skilled musician from an unlikely part of the world, who creates beautiful sounds with his varied instruments.

If you want to find out more about him,, hear more of his music or even buy any of his instruments (he has an online shop for that purpose, here is the link to get to him…….

Link, click here.

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