I have recently become aware of the work of Paweł Kuczyński, a young and very talented Polish painter.   He specialises in a very disturbing and clear headed type of satirical painting to make his points – which are chiefly anti-war, anti- capitalism and anti just about anything that contributes to making life less pleasant.

As you will see from the very small selection of his huge body of work that I have posted below, his work has a sort of clean cut, almost photographic quality, and there is really no room for misunderstanding his message in each of his paintings.

However, obeying the first rule of art that was given to me when I started to study sculpture at St. Martins School of Art many years ago, when we were told that to discuss art was the purvue of those who couldnt make it… so we were told to keep our mouths shut and simply get on with making art, and also not to insult the work of Paweł  by analysing it, as his meanings are absolutely clear, I shall simply post a number of his works to whet your appetite.

If his work appeals t you, then you can find a huge amount of it online (Google images) or on his Facebook page (

So here goes……………………………….

Lets start with a video that shows a lot of his work.

11-Drawing-On-World-Issues-By-Pawel-Kuczynski finger liberty tnt baby totating statue trench plough confesional atm smog sun pkuczy facebook confesional 900_Pawel-Kuczynski_playstation


So, there you go…..

Not the stuff to contemplate when you wish to be at peace with the world I would suggest.

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