More Odd Images For Teachers

Here are some more photos I have found that I felt would be useful for language or writing teachers.   If you look at the following images, each and everyone of them should spark off ideas in the fantasy of your students be they kids or adults.

I try and find images that I feel are sufficiently strange or thought provoking so that they are guaranteed to make anyone looking at them stop, think and make up a story about how the situation captured in the photos came about.

For instance, look at this one and stop and consider what it is you are looking at.   Why is he there, getting something out of the wall, putting something into the wall…?  What is the backstory behind his being there in that strange and empty place?   What country?  When? and so on. man staircase

As you can see, an image such as this can lead to endless questions, and thus, if handled correctly, can generate an almost endless stream of ideas.

Or what to think of this one?

head in hole

What on earth is that guy doing?   It seems to me that there are almost endless possibilities in this image.  Why has he apparently dug a small hole in an apparently perfectly good road surface?  I can imagine that it should be possible to write a short story based on this image, one that probably gives away the reason for the man poking his head into that small hole in the very last sentence of the story?

In any event, it has to give a start to an amusing story I feel.

Rather less odd but still interesting is this one…………….

big tree

Possibly something along the lines of 1000 and 1 things to do with a handy tree stump?   But however you look at it, it represents one hell of a lot of hard work on the part of those Lumberjacks.

And now, slightly strange or worrisome, I have two more for you here…


Or this one……


This one has to be allegorical in some way I feel….    Those two Caryatids and the two old women – What can you make of that juxtaposition?

And now, last but by no means least, I have a rather beautiful image for you to consider.  Not sure what sort of story could be based on this one.    Lets look at it and give thought to that possible use.

water hole

It obviously needs a real flight of fantasy to make a story based on it, but I can see the glimmerings of a short story there…    Man on floating disk, world’s water disappearing into the nether regions….. Hmmmmmmm………

Anyhow, I hope that one or more of these images, or any of the strange, weird and curious images I have posted elsewhere (use the search function to locate them… try “photos”) will help your students make a start on that awful problem that all us writers face, how to deal with that dreadful blank sheet of paper before the ideas begin to flow.

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