About me……………….

Simple enough, I am a bloke who has been writing a blog about ereaders (ebookanoid) for many years.    Until one fine day I realised that I could think of nothing new to say on the topic – so I stopped.


Suffering from severe withdrawal symptoms as a result of no longer enjoying my daily dose of writing, I have decided to start a new blog – the one you are currently exploring.   This one will be totally eclectic, and will discuss anything I feel moved to write about… So a case of choose your topic and see if I have had anything to say on it…  if not, drop me a line and if it interests me, I shall give it a go.

For the rest, I am originally British, but have now lived and worked in about 10 countries, ranging from Britain to Angola, China, Philippines, Australia (where I now am) and various other places – picking up a second nationality on the way – Dutch.

I have worked as a Roadie, Theatre Production Manager, Model Maker, Paintball Field Owner and no end of other things… Been a good life so far (and at 77 years of age I feel I can make that assessment).   Quite interested to see what the next 77 years will bring me.

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