Why Dick Francis’s Books Are So Popular

Whilst I have read and enjoyed the gently thrilling thrillers of Dick Francis for many years, I have never given any serious thought to why I like them so much.

Until yesterday, when my wife, who is currently working her way through our entire collection of his books (some 10 or thereabout), suddenly looked up and asked me if I knew why she was so enjoying reading his books.

Obviously I replied in the negative.


So she explained why she – at least – was enjoying reading them so much, and it is remarkably simple.

She said it was simply that they were optimistic.

And damn me is she isn’t correct.  If you have read any of his books, you will know what my wife meant – his books always look on the positive and optimistic side of things, and all his heroes are basically very optimistic people, no matter what awful things befall them, they seem to assume that in the end all will be well, as indeed it always is.

So there you have it, the chief reason that his books are so successful is that they are optimistic. Of course they are well written as well, the plots well thought out and so on… But so are almost all the other such books out there, but none leave you with the peaceful and gentle feel that a Dick Francis book leaves you with.

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So, do you think my wife is correct, or not?   Do share any thoughts you might have on this immensely important point with the rest of us here.

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