Aggie & Agent X; Sci-Fi Fun By Gary Ruse

I recently read a rather curious and odd science fiction ebook by Gary Ruse.  Its title, which is direct and to the point, is Aggie & Agent X.  I found it to be a strangely endearing and decidedly odd book.   Sort of a case of a “normal” thriller that has been acted out by the Marx Brothers, if you can imagine anything so odd.   But as I said, a most endearing ebook.

The author, Gary Ruse describes this small masterpiece as follows – Not giving anything much away here though:-

Rookie CIA officer Agnes Westfeld is excited when she gets her first real assignment after only three months at the agency, even though she’s told it will be basically just a “baby-sitting” job. But when her new HQ turns out to be a legendary top secret base in the Nevada desert and her new partner is “out of this world,” pitted against an evil mastermind who will stop at nothing, Aggie goes on a wild and wacky spy mission that is the adventure of a lifetime!

agent x

The two heroes of this ebook are engaging in their differing ways, Aggie, (Agnese Westfield) the girl, is a sort of wide-eyed innocent at large, gazing at the world with wonder and apparent confusion, but, but in fact is amazingly together when it is necessary that she be so, and Agent X… What can I say about him?  Well, he is an Alien who has a Humphrey Bogart fixation and a number of other strange ideas… An odd creation, but fun nonetheless.

Thus this is not the most serious ebook you will ever have read, but whilst the adventures and misadventures of Aggie and good old X are totally silly, and the villain is bad enough to have been one of those mustache twiddling villains in those old silent films, tying the heroin to the railway tracks, it is a thoroughly enjoyable and gripping read, well I found it so at least.

This is a book that would appeal to anyone from about 8 years old to even older than I am (which is 72), so a pretty universal story I would say.   And one that I would recommend with no hesitation to anyone as an enjoyable, light and easy to read ebook, but one that will surprisingly stay with you after you have finished it… So it obviously has something else going for it.

As he leaves the two heroes together at the end of the book, I suspect he sees this as the possible first in a whole series of adventures for Aggie and the rather unlikely Agent X….  I hope so.    We shall see.

Where to get this wondrous tome?


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