Committee of 100 – Illegal Radio Resistance Hero!

In an earlier post I talked about my involvement with CND (Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament), well it went further after a while.

My involvement with CND brought me into contact with some rather more active individuals, who felt strongly that whilst the marches and their attendant demonstrations were worth doing, more was needed to spread the good word.

This took two forms, the first was a splendid bit of “Resistance Hero” stuff, the second was more passive on my part, but much more profoundly life altering in its effect… See below.

So the first, Heroic Resistance worker:

One day at a CND meeting, I was approached by a couple of guys about my age who had a moderately powerful radio transmitter at their disposal they told me – I never actually discovered who was behind them, but I formed the opinion it was the British Communist Party.

They asked me if I thought I could get my hands on some sort of a van, and would I be prepared to help them make illegal radio broadcasts from the van by driving them around to avoid being located and caught by the cops.

This rather appealed to me, so I casually asked Russ (my dad) if I could borrow his Bedford Dormobile occasionally, to which he agreed, being a nice bloke. So I duly found myself driving around various London suburbs late at night, while the two guys sat in the back and broadcast prepared tapes on the TV channel (In those days TV stopped broadcasting at about 11 pm).

Obviously I never actually heard what we were broadcasting, but they assured me it was messages about banning nuclear weapons. Not that I can imagine anyone ever listened to whatever it was we were broadcasting to be honest.

But I felt like a real resistance worker doing this.

Oh and we were never caught of course – Not that I seriously believe anyone was taking us seriously enough to be bothered trying to catch us.

I See For Myself The Reality Of Police Action.

Some time later, however, I became involved – passively as it happens – in something much more troubling to me.

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