Reversing Roles – Humans And Animals

Last night I was wandering around the internet as one does when nothing better to do presents itself and I came across a collection of rather odd, but intriguing images in which the roles of humans and animals were reversed.   By this I mean for example, one of them shows a miserable, wet and cold human chained up outside in the rain, whilst through the window you can see a dog sitting happily in an armchair, drinking his coffee and being comfortable.

dog in house

So, that more or less sets the tone of these images, I just wish I knew who had created them, there were no credits where I found them, so I have to apologise to the superb souls who created them and ask them to contact me, so I can give them the credit they are more than due.

The next one is a bit gory, as it shows the dreadful and stupid business of cutting off Rhino horns for their supposed medicinal benefits – the next time someone goes on about the amazing benefits of traditional Chinese medicine at you, simply say “Rhino horns” to them…   Says it all.

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