Reversing Roles – Humans And Animals

Last night I was wandering around the internet as one does when nothing better to do presents itself and I came across a collection of rather odd, but intriguing images in which the roles of humans and animals were reversed.   By this I mean for example, one of them shows a miserable, wet and cold human chained up outside in the rain, whilst through the window you can see a dog sitting happily in an armchair, drinking his coffee and being comfortable.

dog in house

So, that more or less sets the tone of these images, I just wish I knew who had created them, there were no credits where I found them, so I have to apologise to the superb souls who created them and ask them to contact me, so I can give them the credit they are more than due.

The next one is a bit gory, as it shows the dreadful and stupid business of cutting off Rhino horns for their supposed medicinal benefits – the next time someone goes on about the amazing benefits of traditional Chinese medicine at you, simply say “Rhino horns” to them…   Says it all.

rhino horn

And while we are on the gory side of things,, and discussing the dreadful things people do to animals in the name of health and amusement, what about the crappy and despicable “sport” of bull fighting?

Here is a rather nice take on that one……..

bull fighting

Says it all, doesn’t it?

Basically all these images are depressing and sad, and often gory and unpleasant to contemplate, but they all make some very good points.  Basically they are all making the same point, which is (to state the blindingly obvious) that we humans are using animals in the most revolting and inhumane (now there is an assumption!!) manner possible.

Here are a few more of these images, none of which actually need any sort of commentary, as they more than speak for themselves I feel.  So sit back and enjoy……

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So, there you have it, a rather curious collection of depressing images   Will all of the above turn you into a Vegan I wonder?   I have to confess that it wont have that effect on me though, I enjoy my Steaks too much to want to become a Vegan, or even a simple Vegetarian – Oh well.

At my age I feel that perhaps I might be somewhat stuck in my ways?  Hmmmmmm…

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