Golden Biker – A Superbly Funny “Road” Ebook

The author of this wonderfully funny and surreal ebook (The Golden Biker) has made a short video in which he tells us the history of how this ebook came about.

Some time ago I read and reviewed this truly funny and anarchic ebook, which I recommended to anyone who enjoys silly reading, as it is both very funny and also has some really quite relevant points to make about how we live our lives and the values that we believe are important to us.

If you read my original review (link below) you will understand better why I am so fond of this absurd ebook, and its weird and wonderful cast of characters, all of whom have remained in my mind ever since I read this enjoyably silly ebook.

Anyhow, as I said, I came across this video in which the author Alexander von Eisenhart Rothe  (now that is a name to conjure with!) talks about how he came to write this ebook, and the various hassles he had before it finally became a fully fledged ebook.  I thought you might enjoy seeing it and getting a feel for how he thinks, and what he finds important in life.

Actually, he is remarkably like the characters in his ebook, slightly on the edge  and very funny – manic is the word that springs to mind when one watches him in full flight in this video.

So, here he is in all his glory, watch and enjoy………….

So, now you have seen and heard what he has to say, the best thing would be to nip along to Amazon and buy yourself a copy, so you can experience this wonderfully crazy story – Sort of the Marx Brothers meet Easy Rider – if you can imagine such an unlikely union.

You can buy it at Amazon:

And it will cost you: $7.49

Also in German:  There is also a German edition of this delightful ebook.

Link to my earlier review:

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