Ebook Review – Golden Biker; An Insane Romp Through India.

I have just read an amazingly funny and anarchic book called Golden Biker, written by the splendidly named Alexander von Eisenhart Rothe which apart from anything else disproves totally the idea that Germans have no sense of humour.

This wonderful ebook which is a sort of “The Marx brothers Meet Easy Rider” story is set in contemporary India and tells the tale of a most unlikely group of people who are – for a whole range of idiotic reasons – chasing each other across India.

I can do no better than quote, rather fully, from the author’s own description of this story. This description sets the tone of the story and is written in the same style as the story itself, so it will give you a good idea of the atmosphere of the ebook:

Brought together in India through a series of hare-brained adventures are Arthur, an old bohemian from Cologne; Albert, otherwise known as Bear, a snack bar owner who emigrated to Goa; Gerd, a German businessman with a mid-life crisis; and Sherie, a stunningly good-looking prostitute from Bombay.

Together, they embark on a mission to find a mystic figure in the Himalayas: The Golden Biker, who supposedly cruises through the mountains on a golden motorbike, to punish the evildoers and give to those who mean well some of his no less mystical marihuana… known among aficionados as the best grass in the world.

However, the route the foursome has to undertake riding some ancient motorbikes called Enfield Bullets, across all of India is rather long and full of danger. Increasingly so, if you have a gang of ill-tempered Indian Mafiosi, two permanently stoned Israeli secret service guys, a gang of politically correct gypsies, one involuntary guru, a stark-naked blowgun expert, a muddle brained but fanatical old Nazi including his private army, as well as two freelance killers from Bombay at your heels.

And that is only the beginning of a spiral of misunderstandings and catastrophes, which almost lead up to an international incident. The four protagonists however face all obstacles and finally reach their goal, an until hitherto unknown valley in the Himalayas… where in a furious battle all involved parties fight amongst and against each other, culminating in a rather surprising finale.

Existing locations and typical Indian peculiarities are woven into this crazy story turning it into a humorous adventure story

So, now you know……

This story races along, all the equally ludicrous characters in the tale live their weird lives in a totally convincing manner and are completely believable, in spite of the off-the-wall way they behave and think.

From the moment I started to read this ebook I was captivated by it, by its atmosphere and the way in which it so correctly reflected the way people seem to think and behave in quite a few third world countries that I have lived in and the sheer likableness of all the characters, up to and including the superbly deluded old Nazi soldier.

In other words, I can whole heartedly recommend this ebook to you as a totally enjoyable, escapist bit of reading, the characters in it will live on in your mind after you have finished reading it,and you will be a better person for having read it too I am sure.

A bit about the author and the history of this ebook (written by himself).

My only intention was to write a funny book, including all of the strange and bizarre experiences I had made in India on various trips before. But when Peter Paulo Dos Santos decided to have a first edition printed in India (in German), which we then would try to sell in Germany more and more people got to read the book, I started to realize how many people really liked the book. Readers wrote very nice things about the book and more and more people believed that this book could be more than just a script, that gets rejected by the big publishers because of its jokes about Nazis, drugs and nearly everything else. (The book was in fact rejected by all German publishers because of its contents).

Alexander von Eisenhart Rothe is a freelance writer and film producer. He lives together with his wife, his two dogs and one cat on the Balearic island of Ibiza. Apart from that he is feeling fine.

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