Face Swap – Deeply Disturbing Images

I don’t know if you have noticed a rather disturbing new activity on-line, especially in places such as Facebook, and that is the “art” of Face Swapping.   Basically this takes the form of taking a photo of two or more people or animals and using a program such as Photoshop, swapping the faces over, so you end up with, for example, a photo of a man and his baby, in which the adult body has the face of the baby, and the baby’s body has the face of the adult, as in this example here…..


You see what I mean about it being rather disturbing?

I first saw this idea when a series of beautifully executed images of Rowan Atkinson appeared on-line, in which his face had been placed in a number of famous art works, such as this example below.


Normally there have to be two bodies in the image, so that one can see that it is in fact a swap, but obviously in the case of Rowan Atkinson, his face is so well known that the second body is not needed,

One might assume the same rule applies when dealing with well known public figures, such as Donald Trump in this one, but the maker of this image obviously felt safer with the cat in the image as well……………..


Neither of them have pleasant faces… a grumpy looking Trump and a downright nasty looking cat…  Oh well.

Mostly one finds Face Swap images on those websites that lure you in (or try to) by using a headline such as “When I Saw These Pictures I couldn’t Stop Laughing” or some similar,and then give you one image per page, absolutely drenched in pop up ads.   Generally these will be of unknown people who have simply made these images for their own amusement, and posted them on Facebook for the amusement of their friends…

So here are a collection (without pop up ads!!) for your amusement.

Enjoy them.




This is carrying the idea of identical twins altogether too far I feel!


I wonder what the Obamas were looking at in the original photo.  Obviously they were not happy about it.

On occasion they do not really work out satisfactorily, as in this one below…  Not sure what the idea was here, but it seems to me to be a dismal failure.


Or in this messy one…  What was the idea here I wonder?

hqdefault (2)

And occasionally they work out superbly, such as in this wonderful and enjoyable example.


So there you have it, the latest internet craze.  One which I am following with a strong feeling of morbid curiosity  as the results get weirder and weirder by the day.

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If you have any superb or even awful examples of this art form, do share them here with us please….

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