Military Idiots – Some Truly Stupid Soldiers

While I was looking in Google Images for some photos I needed for a project I am working on, I came across this extraordinary image of a bunch of North Korean Generals, and was so taken with the sheer straight-faced idiocy of those men, I felt I had to share it with you and then add a few more weird and wonderfully silly military people doing what they do best…. Looking daft.

korean generals

How on earth did they win so many medals?   I have never seen people with so many medals that they need to pin them onto their pants….  And to be able to stand there with a straight face as well….   Surely they must feel totally stupid.    But as you will see from the photos that I am about to add, one thing military people are very good at, is looking totally straight-faced whilst doing something or wearing something completely idiotic.

So here we go,

Firstly a couple of photos of the totally absurd dance routine that the Indian and Pakistan armies go through on their border every day as they pull the flags down at the end of the day.


And here is another one…..


Actually, this ballet is so unbelievably silly looking, I have to add a video of it, so you can really appreciate how absurd the military mind can be…  Now watch these cockerels stomping and displaying at each other….

Reminds me irresistibly of the cockatoos who come to feed at our bird table every morning….

The same jerky posturing, the same head jerking and walk… priceless.  And these are grown men please note!

So what more?

Well I have this for you as well.


I know they are the very best of Greek soldiers, amazingly brave and fierce, but you have to admit that they are also really rather foolish looking in their mini-skirts and pom pom boots… To say nothing of their silly walk.  But then, the military all over the world have raised silly walks to an art form.

Or this?


I am not sure which army these brave souls belong to, but I note that they seem unable to afford proper soldiers boots, and instead kit their soldiers out in clerical boots for some reason…  However, very impressive leg work guys!

And last, but absolutely not least, we have an archetypical silly looking general.  Generals seem to be rather good at affecting silly accessories and this one is a champion at this…

silly general 01

With all due respect sir, that pipe simply looks bloody silly…….

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