Soulful Music And Amazing Images

I have just come across a video that combines two amazingly creative forces in one work of art. The extraordinary photos of Steve McCurry with the haunting Duduk playing of Levon Minessian.

Together, the overwhelmingly sad look in the eyes of most of McCurry’s subjects and the equally sad sound of that most evocative of instruments, the Duduk work together to make a document about the less happy side of humanity and life.

Occasionally among the haunted look in the eyes of most of his subjects, there comes a soul that is happy, full of joy, or a landscape that is simply peaceful and gentle, but most of the images are as the famous one of the Afghan Girl.

afghan girl

Along with these images, we have the music of  Armand Amar, a piece called Amen Hayr Sourp  (Canticle of the Trinity)


A truly heartbreaking image of a small Peruvian kid…..


And finally, the complete work itself.   Here is the link to the video, which is so wonderful.


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So, now you have watched and listened to the video, what are your thoughts?   What emotions did it bring to the surface?   Do share your thoughts and feelings about this work with the rest of us.

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