Sports And Gymnastics – Not For Me!

A while ago I wrote a post on my attitude to sports, which seems to have struck a chord with some of you good folk out there.  So I thought I would perhaps expand a wee bit on what I wrote, and in passing discuss my attitude to that highly refined form of torture known as gymnastics.

But to start with, to sort of set the mood as it were, I thought I would throw a couple of quotes at you that I have come across in a book I am currently dipping into at odd moments.   It is called Frank Muir Goes Into, and reasonably enough, it is written by that superb English Script writer and humorist, Frank Muir.

It consists of all manner of jokes and quotes that he has collected on a whole slew of topics, one of which is the one that interests me at this point, which is sport.

So here are some of the apposite quotes that he collected on the subject of sport……

“The need of exercise is a modern superstition, invented by people who ate too much, and had nothing to think about.  Athletics don’t make anybody either long-lived or useful”.   George Santayana.

It is a general truth that those persons who are good at games are good at nothing else.   Generally speaking, good players are but miserable and useless persons”.  Thomas Tegg (1848)

“I do not play cricket, because it requires me to assume such indecent postures”

“Football is all very well as a game for rough girls, but is hardly suitable for delicate boys”

Both Oscar Wilde.

‘The football, as it is now commonly used, with thronging of a rude multitude, with bursting of shinnes, and beaking of legges, be neither civill, neither worthy of the name of any traine to health”   Richard Melcaster – 1581

Anyhow, that gives you an idea of my feelings about organised sports.   However I do draw a distinction between professional sports and amateur, not that I will ever take part in either, but I do faintly see that there can be an attraction in chasing a ball around a field with a bunch of friends on a Saturday afternoon – slumped in a chair gazing at a match on  TV on the other hand fails to attract me to any degree.  And the idea of actually going to one of those huge stadia where professional matches happen simply scares the hell out of me.  For some years I lived near to one of the larger such stadia in London, and the animal roars that happened whenever games were played there was terrifying, and highly reminiscent of the sounds of a Nuremberg Rally.

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