Egyptian Cats & Little Girl – Has To Be A Story Here.

I have decided to broaden my teacher’s resource offerings.    Originally I intended it to be simply videos that I felt could function as a starting point for story telling in the classroom, but I quickly found that there were loads of amazing photos to be found on the net that would also function remarkably well as sort of idea kick-starters.   So here is the first of these offerings that I hope you will find useful your classroom.


I have no idea what was happening here, but this image has so many elements that it has to be a good source of discussions and story telling.   What on earth is that little girl doing there? Simply playing at being one of those cat statues, or is it the instant before she is shape-changed and zoomed off to a life in ancient Egypt?   There are so many possibilities in this strange image – let your kids loose on it and see where their fantasy takes them.

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Do come back and let us share what your students made of this image….   Good to know what others achieve with such materials……