Some More Useful But Silly Inventions

Occasionally I come across inventions which strike me as both sensible and useful, but also a wee bit on the silly side as well, and these appeal to my sense of humour, so on occasions I like to share them with you.

So here are a couple more for your amusement.

The first is a very ingenious modification to a pair of scissors which definitely appeals to me, as it solves a real problem I often experience, namely cutting fabric or paper in a straight line.


Sadly I have not been able to track down who makes these extremely useful scissors, but I am reasonably sure it would be easy enough to modify any scissors you happened to have with a simple laser light.

My only reservation is would it work as the image suggests.   As you can see, the laser seems to bend when it hits the paper, which I know to be impossible, so I can only assume that the laser beam is not a narrow line type, but a sort of wide (in the vertical direction) type.


Next I have another device that would make my life sooooo much better, a toaster that lets you see the toast as it toasts.   No more over or underdone toast for breakfast with this wonderful device.

In our family we make our own bread, so each loaf is different, which we enjoy, but it means that when toasting it, every time we have to keep stopping the toaster and getting the toast out to check that it is not under, or over toasted.  A laborious and unsatisfactory process, which this gadget would obviate totally.   I want one!!!

Sadly with this all I have managed to find so far is this picture……..

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