Awful Songs – Some Of The Worst Songs Ever!

As I wander through the depths of Youtube, hunting for bits of music to give me (and I hope, you) pleasure, I also come across some truly dreadful musical excrescences as you can probably imagine.  So I thought I might collect some of them for your musical pleasure.

This wont be of the Portsmouth Sinfonia variety as they are not really simply making bad music, they are having fun making bad music  and know perfectly well that is what they are doing.  But the bits and pieces I shall be sharing with you are created by people who are labouring under the delusion that they are making beautiful and meaningful music.

So just to show you the difference, here is a video of the delightful Portsmouth Sinfonia and then one of the pieces that I consider to be truly lousy music.

Absolutely awful I agree, but done with love and pleasure, and no pretensions of being real musicians – They know they are dreadful and don’t care.

However, this next one is a very different kettle of fish, as you will hear.

Er….   That was someone called Nervous Norvus, with his truly strange song called, reasonably enough, Transfusion.   I have no idea quite why anyone would want to make such a record, but he did, and apparently even managed to find people who wanted to buy it as well.

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