Nook Ereader Chased Out Of England

Once again Mighty Amazon beats one of its competitors.  Great news for the Amazon share holders, lousy news for the rest of us.   Whilst the Kindle is a perfectly reasonable ereader, it is definitely not the best, but owing to the enormous power of Amazon, it is steadily killing off all its competitors.


The most recent being Barnes and Noble’s Nook ereader in the UK.   This ereader, which is a perfectly reasonable device, but which suffers from being an arm of a far from successful book seller (Barnes and Noble) is now pulled from the UK market.   Not only the hardware (the ereader itself), but Barnes and Noble have also abandoned their various ereader apps that are made for the UK market, and what is worse, have also stopped supporting their customers to the extent of selling their entire customer support system to Sainsburys ( a large supermarket chain in the UK), which means, and I quote from a release from Barnes and Noble:-

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