More Curious Musical Instruments For Your Pleasure

Hi, well I am still wandering around the deeper and odder depths of Youtube to see what I might stumble upon, and this time I have come up with a rich haul of musical oddities, well, not so much musical oddities as odd musical instruments, which of course means that the music is also rather odd.

I enjoy finding musical instruments that people invent for one reason or another, mainly I suppose because they desire a particular sound that no existing instrument is capable of giving them, and some of them are truly weird.

The first one is an enormous instrument called The Earth Harp, which is the invention of a curious bloke called William Close, obviously a man with one hell of a broad vision to life.  I shall offer you two videos of this instrument, the first being from that tedious show called “…..  Has Talent”, as in this video he gives a short explanation of the instrument, and then plays it to universal acclaim.  The second video is someone else playing the Earth Harp at a TEDeX talk, so the instrument is properly explained, mostly in the “about under the video window if you watch the video on Youtube, rather than the somewhat showy approach used in the  “America Has Talent” version.

I apologies for the long run in before we actually hear the instrument, but such is the way of such shows…  Also for some reason whoever uploaded the video changed the format, so everyone is short and fat.. odd.

So here we go…………….

So, now you know roughly what it is all about, here is a different person playing it at a TedeX talk…

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More Strange Musical Instruments

As I discussed a couple of days ago in a post about odd musical instruments, the world is full of apparently totally insane individuals who feel a drive to invent weird and wonderful instruments.  This set me off in a hunt for more such inventors. and one I have come across is obviously a serial inventor of ludicrous – but fun – instruments.  A guy by the name of Len Solomon, who is responsible for such extraordinary instruments as The BellowphoneThe Oomphalopompatronium and the splendidly named The Emphatic Chromatic Callioforte.

These, and a myriad of other equally odd instruments are things he has created over the last 40 or so years, and which he uses in his performances as a solo musician in schools, festivals and other venues.

Before I entertain you with a couple of videos of him performing on some of his creations, here are a couple of photos to give you an idea of what his instruments look like……

So now you know what both he and some of his instruments look like, it is time to hear what he creates with them.  So here we go, have fun……

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