Images To Create Stories With

As you may have noted, I have a great affection for odd and old photographs, mainly those depicting people in some way or other.   I also find old photos of people fascinating.   I look at those old photos and wonder what became of the people in them.   Did their lives go well, or not, were they happy, satisfied or miserable in the way their lives went?  I suspect that most of us have much the same reaction to looking at photos of people who are long dead.

Curiously I discovered that Alexander McCall Smith, author of the No 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency series has a similar feeling.  He collects old photos of couples he knows nothing about, and creates short stories based on what the photos suggest to him.  Not something I have ever gone so far as to do, though the thought always crosses my mind when looking at such photos.

So I though I would post a small collection of such photos that speak to me, in the hope that they might spark off some sort of creative surge in you guys.

So here we go, some random, but in one way or another, intriguing photos of people who are probably long dead.


This next one is really rather odd…    but then, who isn’t?



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