Cesária Évora – A Great Cape Verdean Singer

I am sitting here, listening to an amazing concert on good old Youtube.  It is A full concert of the superb Cape Verdean singer Cesária Évora – apparently also known as the Barefoot Diva owing to her habit of performing with bare feet.   Be that as it may, this unremarkable looking, dumpy small woman, at the time the concert I am watching was recorded, was in her 60’s and yet had the voice of a woman in the full flowering of her youth.   A wonderful warm and gentle voice she had.


Sadly she died in 2011, but before that she had an amazing career as a singer.

Not really much to be said about her, except click on the link below, sit back and enjoy listening to, and watching a real artist at work…  And be glad that in reality it is not necessary for a woman singer to behave like a cross between a pole dancer and a stripper to be a success.

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