Like A Girl – Generate Ideas About Gender Roles In Your Classroom.

Continuing my endeavour to build up a useful teachers resource here on my blog, I now offer you a video that could well be used to spark off discussions about the role of gender in how we look at each other.

This shortish video, called “Like a Girl”, is about how western society looks at the way in which we feel girls should behave, and sensibly enough, also shows how damn foolish these preconceptions really are.

Show this video to your class, and then ask them to discuss it, and I suspect you will find that the kids for the greater part agree with what the kids in the video say.  Though, you may well be surprised too by how many seem to agree that girls should behave in a “girlie” fashion…..   People are odd.

A number of issues are looked at in this video, all of which relate to the preconceptions we all have about how girls and women should behave, and happily, the girls and women in the video – and several guys as well, show clearly how daft these ideas actually are.

So, here it is, do let me know if you find this a useful teaching aid or not.

By the way, the people who made this video, have a whole series of videos that will be of real interest to the girls in your classroom, , in which various aspects of being female and growing up are looked at in a straightforward manner, well worth exploring I feel.

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