Superb Animations – And One Sad One

Here are three very different animations for your pleasure.  The first one, which is called “The Egyptian Pyramids” gives a very different view of what exactly those odd constructions are actually all about, and in passing demonstrates that the loathing I acquired for camels whilst riding a Bactrian version in the Taclamacan desert a few years ago, was perfectly correct. Horrible creatures.

So, here for your viewing pleasure is one very entertaining cartoon.

Next I have a very odd animation called  “Dji: Death Sails”, which rather defies description, but demonstrates the power of determination rather well, also the benefits of strong drink.  All I can do with this one is to bung it up here and let you enjoy it for yourselves without going into a deep and profound analysis of the meaning of life, how death fits into our cultural awareness and so on….

Here is what the maker of this video has to say about it…..

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