All Of Bach – An Astonishing Site…. Everything Bach Wrote, And Free!!

I have discovered a website that anyone who loves the music of Bach simply has to visit and keep track of.

It is called All of Bach, which is a very reasonable description of what they are setting out to do – i.e perform and record the entire works of Bach and to bung them onto the internet for us to enjoy.


So far they have finished about 55 of his works, ranging through massive choral works, such as the Mathew Passion, through pensive cello suites and splendid organ works and a range of his Cantatas, all performed with enormous love, pleasure and professionalism.

So, 55 done, only another 1030 to go, more or less.

Currently they are producing videos at the rate of one a week, bit occasionally they manage a couple more as well.

So who are these Bach Fiends?

Not surprisingly, they are in fact a group of musicians who specialise in the music of good old Bach, the Dutch Bach Society, and I can do no better then to quote fully from their given reasons for this epic undertaking, so here they go……..

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