David Cameron Leaves Us With Great Music

As David Cameron announced his departure from office, he managed – by chance – to do something that actually produced some good.  He hummed a jaunty little tune as he entered No. 10 Downing Street for the last time and this little hum has been taken by a number of highly creative people and turned into longer and actually rather good music, as you will see here.

Before offering you some of the better examples of this work,here is the unadorned original to set the scene as it were…….

OK, so that was how it went.

For some reason a lot of musical folk were inspired by that little bit of humming to take the hum and create much longer pieces of music based upon it, as in this example in which the composer feels that his hum was not so much a lament at the end of an unsuccessful political career, but actually a happy jig.

So, a relatively simple and straightforward version on an electronic piano/organ to show us how it might be done.

Other composers came up with much more complex versions of this little hum, as for example this rather amazing version by Jonathan Mul for harpsichord in the form of a Fugue on a Motif by David Cameron, as it rather grandly is called.

Wasn’t that beautiful?   I don’t imagine that Cameron would have ever thought that he might be the cause of such a pleasingly gentle piece of music, but he was.

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