Amazingly Beautiful Animations

The advent of relatively easy and affordable computer animation techniques seem to have caused a wave of highly creative animation films to be made by students all over the world, all of which end up on Youtube or some similar website it seems.

Every self-respecting university or art school now seems to have a department of computer animation studies, which have produced some simply wonderful and often beautiful animations, which are a source of continual joy to me.

Generally on my blog I have looked at the more extreme forms of animated film making, Gothic, horror, weird or simply eccentric, but as I say, there is also a school of animation making that concentrates on simple, gentle and “normal” themes.

One such is this wonderfully sentimental and predictable film about a poverty stricken and lonely street musician and a stray street dog who comes into his life.   Whilst the whole story is entirely predictable, the way in which it has been done makes it gripping, moving and most enjoyable to watch – well that is my feeling about this short film.

So, without more ado, here it is for your viewing pleasure – and you will have to be a very hardened cynic not to get some degree of pleasure from this film…. If for no other reason than how beautifully the city it all plays out in has been created…..

By the way, the title of this piece is “Rubato”, a musical term with the following meaning:-

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