Casey Curran – Curiously insect-like Sculptures

Casey Curran, maker of weird and strangely endearing kinetic art.

I stumbled upon the work of Casey Curran the other day, as a result of a friend ( a real one, not a Facebook one) posting one of his videos on their Facebook page, and was truly taken with his work.

As you will see in the following videos, his “machines” have a curious delicacy  about them, and on first glance seem to be alive, but very quickly that feeling fades away and one becomes aware that one is looking at an incredibly delicate machine, one that replicates in its own way the vastly speeded up life cycle of a plant.

This first video from his website shows very well what it is I mean as I think you will agree once you have seen it.

I am not sure if the music is simply a sound track for the video or if you actually hear music when the piece is being played in a gallery.  However that may be, I think this video demonstrates very well the work of this extraordinary artist.   The machinery that makes it happen is almost as much fun as the art work itself – though to be honest, I rather assume that it should be seen as a whole, and no separation between the moving, and the machinery that drives the movement.

As it is all made from bits of twisted metal wire, this obviously makes it move in a slightly jerky fashion, but I don’t find this any sort of a problem in fact, for me it merely strengthens the feeling that it is alive – though I expect this feeling is made stronger by seeing the work on a video rather than in the flesh as it were – lends it a sort of stuttery time exposure effect that we are used to seeing on TV documentaries.

That last one was worked by some sort of motor, but a lot of his works are simply provided with a hand crank, also made from relatively thin wire – not sure how that would bear up under over enthusiastic use – which gives the machine a very jerky movement, as you can see in the video below.

No all of his works are based on the living world however, some are much more abstract in tone, such as this one,

Or this one…………..

However, the natural world in all its aspects is obviously what most inspires him, ranging from the world of plants through insects and even up to and including the human skeleton, as here….

He is also very much taken with the insect world in its many aspects, and also incorporates the environment as well, as in this one, which combines a bee and a seascape.

He has placed no end of videos of his work on his Vimeo page, so if you want to see more of his work, nip along to it and enjoy yourself and have a real wallow in this man’s amazing work.

Link to his Vimeo page.  Casey Curran on Vimeo

He also has a website, which has useful background information, and a shop, so if you are feeling rich and want to actually own some of his work, this is the place you need to visit!

Link:  Casey Curran Website.

If you have enjoyed these works, do please leave a comment to let us share your pleasure.

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