Gooseberry Patch – Cheap But Good Cookery Ebooks

Own an ereader and want recipes? Well here you go, The Gooseberry Patch has them!

The hugely successful Gooseberry Patch series of cook books are available now as ebooks.  There are a couple of hundred of them covering just about every aspect of cooking delicious meals for yourself and your family.

These ebooks are as is normal with cookery books, set out subject by subject, so there are a whole range that show you how to cook meat in all manner of ways, how to make puddings and so on, from basic to really quite advanced recipes.

Titles range from “25 Savoury Pie Recipes”, “Christmas Classics Cookbook”, “25 Meat Loaf Recipes”, a whole slew of ebooks with the series name “Circle of Friends” – which are recipes that the two good ladies who started this company have been given by their friends to share with readers.


The Gooseberry Patch has been around now for quite some time, being founded in 1984 by Vickie Hutchins and Jo Ann Martin, who describe themselves as follows:

two moms looking for a way to do what they loved and stay home with kids too“.

Well they seem to have succeeded in that aim, with more than 9 million of their cookbooks sold world wide.

Their logo (above) gives a good impression of the sort of site it is, all a bit “folksy”, but none the worse for that I feel, it is at least friendly after all.

These ebooks are available for all major ereader types, so if you go to their website you are asked to select your ereader type (Kindle, Nook, Kobo, iPad) and are then taken to the appropriate website to browse and select your ecookbook (Hooee, I have invented yet another version of the word ebook).

These ecookbooks vary considerably in price – I am not sure why this should be, so some are only $0.99 each, whilst others will cost you up to $10.   But in all cases, the ebook version is cheaper than the paper version, which is as it should be.   Typically,the paper version will cost you about twice the price of the ebook version.

Also, on their website they also offer no end of free recipes and all manner of useful cookery advice, thus well worth a visit for that sort of help as well.

So, a well produced series of ebook cookery guides for almost nothing per ebook, and as I said, available for all makes of ereader.    So arm yourself with all the cook books that you think you and your family will need, and head off to the supermarket with your ereader clutched firmly in your hand to be able to check the recipe you plan to make and thus never more get home to discover you have forgotten the main ingredient – as happens to me all too often!

Link to their website:  The Gooseberry Patch

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