Cartoons From A Refugee On Manus Island

The saddening cartoons below are the work of a refugee who is a prisoner of the Australian government on Manus Island.   He apparently attempted to reach Australia shortly after the Australian government introduced compulsory off-shore detention for refugees attempting to reach Australia by boat.

The only thing I know about this man is that his Pen Name is Eaten Fish, and that is it…   No other information is available, apparently in order to protect him from possible trouble if his real identity should come to be known to the Australian government.

For the rest, there is nothing more I can add to this collection of extremely powerful cartoons, except to say that I found them on a website called New Matilda (


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Be very glad that you are not having to undergo this sort of torment, can wake up each morning knowing that your life is “normal” and that you are free to go and come as you wish, and no one is keeping you under lock and key and dictating your every movement.

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