Angie And Agent X – Again.

Some time ago I wrote a review of the first Angie And Agent X book by Gary Ruse, a silly, funny and thoroughly enjoyable book all about a very unlikely pair of CIA operatives and their adventures attempting to defeat a totally evil criminal (Link to that review: Angie and Agent X).  Well now I have just had the pleasure of reading the follow up to that book and found it to be as enjoyable as the first volume was.

mandarin mystery

Once again our unlikely pair of heroes (Angie the young woman CIA operative and Agent X, an alien who has become involved in the CIA after his arrival on earth) find themselves asked to solve some very puzzling mysteries, the first mystery being how on earth did the dead body of a CIA operative who was apparently killed in Mexico turn up in the USA about 45 minutes after he was killed… And it gets weirder and weirder from that point on.

Gary Ruse (the author of this fine bit of silliness) has this to say about his book:-

In this sequel to Aggie & Agent X, CIA officer Agnes Westfeld has now been permanently assigned to the special investigative unit at Area 51 in Nevada. She and her partner, Agent X, are immediately thrown into a new case with a seemingly impossible twist. As they seek to solve this baffling mystery and learn the extent of a diabolical scheme by an ancient criminal organization, Aggie and Agent X face dangers more deadly than ever before. A new adventure with that special blend of sci-fi, espionage, mystery, humor and old movie atmosphere that launched the most unusual team-up of spies ever. A new mission! New perils! New villains! And more…

Well, that at least sets the scene, but of course tells us nothing about what actually happens in the story, nor should it obviously.   So suffice it to say that thanks to the perseverance of Angie and the astonishing collection of unlikely “super-powers” that Agent X has it all comes to a happy end, well not for the villains obviously, but for the rest of us, it is a happy ending.

Both Angie and Agent X have all manner of totally human and likable quirks, which Gary Ruse gives free rein to as the story meanders along its cheerful way.   My favourite character trait of Agent X is his love of food, of all sorts and cuisines, a love I can identify with very easily.   Basically he has set out a sort of map of the world in his life, which is almost exclusively centered upon good restuarants of one sort or another.  So when he uses his Matter Transference ability (being able to go to anywhere in the world instantly through Hyperspace provided he has already been there at least once before by other means), it is almost always to a street near to one of his many favourite restaurants.

Not only does he have that ability, but he can also be invisible at need, change how other people see him (handy if you are an alien and you wish to remain unobserved) and a whole slew of other abilities.   Angie on the other hand is simply an intelligent and extremely game young woman who knows how to work with Agent X to extremely good effect.

As with the first of these books, this one is good fun, silly, engaging and extremely readable, and I recommend it to anyone of any age as a great and enjoyable ebook.

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