Strange, But Useful Inventions

People are amazing is something I have always believed, and one way in which this is demonstrated is in the incredibly ingenious ways in which various problems are solved.

The almost insane inventiveness of us humans is something that needs to be celebrated more often.     So to this end, I plan to write occasional posts in which I will have a look at some more or less apparently idiotic but in reality, very useful inventions.

So without more ado, here we go with the first of these.

So, what do you imagine this curious object might be?

table set

You would be forgiven if you hadn’t the faintest idea what this might be, should you be confronted with it in the hallway of a friend’s house one day – a model rocket? An incredibly complicated hat stand?, A piece of sculpture?  Hmmm…

Well in fact you would be totally wrong in any of those suppositions, and the actual nature of this object is not something you would work out for yourself in a month of Sundays I suspect.

Believe it or not, it is actually a complete set of chairs and a table to be used on your deck or garden if your apartment is not overly huge.

The following set of photos show you exactly how it works.   And whilst on the surface it might seem a silly and overly complex idea, if your home is a bit on the small side, then this is an ideal solution, as well as being a not unpleasant object in itself.  So looking rather nicer than a collection of garden chairs littering up your deck all the time.

See what I mean?   Neat eh?

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What is your feeling about this invention?   Neat and useful, or simply silly?   Do leave a comment here to share your thoughts about it with the rest of us.

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