Abandoned Places Have A Beauty All Their Own

It is a curious fact that abandoned houses, towns and other man made objects, when we have finished with them, and left them to rot away on their own, frequently acquire a new sort of beauty, as I hope you will see in the photos I have collected from around the web to illustrate this point.

Generally when we think about stuff that we have thrown away, or abandoned, we tend to think that it will be ugly, messy and generally a bad idea, as in this image below.


And of course, to a large extent this view is correct, rubbish is rubbish, and highly undesirable.   But having said that, there remains a sort of haunting beauty in old and abandoned buildings and cities.

A tristesse is always lurking in the background whenever one finds oneself confronted with the ruins of what was once a home, or a village.   If you consider the photo below, you will see what I mean.

abandoned bedroom

On one level this is a horrible, rotting mess, but on another level one is forced to think about the people who used to live in this room, what sort of stuff did they watch on that remarkably clean looking TV set, why did they have such large armchairs in their bedroom, set out in order to watch TV in comfort?   Who were they, and why did they leave?  I am afraid I have no idea, as I do not know anything about this image, other than what it says for itself.   Patently a sad story is lurking in the background here, something that caused them to leave quite hurriedly it would seem.

Even in buildings that were never lived in by families, we see the same sort of brooding atmosphere.   This image of an abandoned Sanatorium in Germany is such an image.

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Bagpipes, Not Everyone’s Taste – But I Like Them

Bagpipes, that most maligned of instruments, is actually an instrument that is capable of all manner of emotions, ranging happily from deeply melancholic (like a good Scot drunk on a Saturday evening) through happy to totally weird.

To set the mood, here is a very standard sort of pipe playing, to give a measuring point to judge the ones that will follow against.

I am not sure whose funeral this was, but the music is pretty standard pipe music     Not the real Celtic thing thus.

Whilst for most people, the video above more or less typifies the general conception of what bagpipe music is, the reality is very different, as you will hear in the next video, which is a lament, and is deeply thoughtful and introspective.  Rather beautiful in fact I find.

The first time I actually heard the pipes being played was during one of the winter tours of Scotland we used to make with the Little Angle Puppet Theatre, when we were up in the highlands, miles from anywhere, and dimly through the mist we heard the sound of the pipes being played in the fashion of that lament.

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