Dystopian Animations – A Pessimistic View Of The World

Whilst many “adult” animations on the internet are funny, sad or strange, not that many are truly dystopian in my experience.  However, they are out there to be found if one looks carefully.

So I have hunted around and come across several that can truly be described as dystopian (A dystopia (from the Greek δυσ- and τόπος, alternatively, cacotopia, kakotopia, or simply anti-utopia) is a community or society that is undesirable or frightening).

The first one, called “Slimtime” is a mix of a dystopia and a savage commentary on the ideal of bodily beauty, so it is a double whamy I feel.

The whole thing plays out in a strangely empty feeling factory-like building, where a scrawny man and his monstrously fat wife have gone apparently in order for the wife to lose weight easily, and whilst there is no spoken text, the meaning of the whole thing is all too clear.

And unusually for this type of cartoon, it has a moderately happy ending, as it turns out that his wife is not truly convinced by the fashionable view that fat is ugly.    Nor is the husband.

So here is my first offering today for your viewing pleasure – or whatever one takes from such a dystopian view of the world.

Not nice, is it?

Now for a film that is totally dystopian and deeply cynical as well.

Here we have what starts out as a simple love story, young shy boy loves girl who is unobtainable, they grow up, life becomes complex for them, and the end is ……

Well I am damned if I shall give it all away, just sit back and watch this rather powerful and as I said, seriously cynical view of love, life and how the world works.

Do you agree with my feelings about this film?

By the way, I assume it is Youtube that is responsible for the pixellng out of various nipples and genitals in this film.  Youtube is odd about this sort of thing.    There are millions of videos on Youtube of people being killed in all manner of horrible ways, being tortured, burned, hanged shot, raped and so on, all apparently OK, but not a nipple or dick or vagina to be seen.  Weird!

Oh well………………

This next one, whilst it has a happy ending, is truly the most appalling world I have come across in my wanderings in the world of animations.  An absolutely dreadful world view here.   We see it all through the eyes (sort of) of a feral pooch and the tramp who becomes his owner, and their adventures in this awful world.

The story line is very simple, and not really very interesting to be honest, the thing that makes this short film so powerful is the world in which our heroes have to live and function, this is an extremely nasty world, as you will see.

See what I mean?   Gripping in its horror isn’t it?   What a world to have to live in, which of course is the world that many of us do live in in fact.   Looking at our beautiful planet, all our lives could be so good, if we simply stopped trying to be the most sophisticated and complex creatures ever created, and simply settled down to produce just the amount we need to live, not have too many kids, and stop killing each other…   Could be a good life for us all.  Oh well, dreams, dreams…….

End of rant….

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