Donald Trump – Back To 1933 It Seems

Having spent the last months watching in some amazement how the USA seems to be effectively giving Donald Trump all the support he needs in order to become President, and also having watched the slow but orchestrated development of a more and more Nazi approach to his way of doing things I am becoming deeply concerned.

For many years I was fascinated by the history of the rise and fall of the Nazi Party in Germany, and was particularly revolted by the rise of the SA who were effectively the Nazi Party’s bouncers.  And I have noted the rise of a similar body of men around Donald Trump as well.


When he started to have his huge rallies, it was perfectly safe to go there as an obvious opponent of his “ideas”, and no one seemed to be in fear of being beaten up or killed for openly disagreeing with him.   This has now passed, and it is increasingly dangerous to be anywhere near any gathering of Trump supporters if you obviously disagree with his ideas, or belong to one of the groups he has decided are enemies of his vision of the USA.

More and more, the approach of both Trump and his supporters have come to be reminiscent of how things went in the early days of Hitler’s rise to power.   People being beaten up for being Mexican, Arab-like, and in due time, for being Jewish or black as well.   Basically if you are not a white Caucasian you will be seen to be an enemy, and given the erratic way that Trump deals with problems, I dread to think what will begin to be considered as normal behaviour in this country that already has enormous social problems (Guns, religious intolerance, race hatred, Homophobia, and so on….).

His rallies already resemble the huge rallies that Hitler used to have – even if they are markedly less disciplined – and his security groups are becoming more and more active in both the body of the halls and outside on the streets.    So now if you happen to read any books about life in pre-war Germany, or any of the occupied countries in the second war it is beginning to sound more and more like this year in the USA.

And the scary thing is that he might actually become President.    And then what will happen?   How will he react to the first political leader of another country who dares to disagree with him? How will he deal with having control of the USA’s nuclear arsenal?  Will the US military refuse to obey any of his more insane or downright illegal orders (water boarding anyone?)  and so on.

Scary times…..   The second time around for the NSDAP it seems…

Share with us.

What do you think about this creature and his desire to become President?    Do share with us here…….

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