A Couple Of Teacher’s Resource Offerings

Occasionally I get overwhelmed by a desire to help teachers – probably owing to the fact that my mother was a teacher, and my wife is a teacher.  When this hits me,  I simply go with it and see if I can find anything that might be a help.

So today’s offering will take the form of several static images that I feel might spark off a stream of creative writing, a curious and powerful video that might equally give rise to some ideas worth putting on paper, and as the cream on the cake, a piece of music that will assuredly get under your skin and make it unavoidable that your students will be moved into a totally different plane of experience when they hear it… and thus cause them to produce such flights of fantasy that you will be astounded.  Or at least that is my fervent hope.

So let us begin with the static images.   I have selected three types in the hope that one at least will give your students the start they need to create a story that will take off and be fun to read and consider…..


slide1 (1)



I especially like the first one of these… A truly weird and strange image.. Has to be a story in there somewhere I reckon.

And next, we have a video.  Here I have chosen a relatively long animation about death as it moved me, and made me think.  So I hope that your students will also be moved by it, and feel encouraged to use it, or at least the ideas in it, as the basis of their own stories.

I will be intrigued to read what this superb film produces in your student’s minds.   I love Youtube, so many amazing and wonderful things to be found there….

And as the last fruit for today, a piece of music.

I shall give you two versions of this incredible piece of music.  The first being sung by a boy choir, unbelievably moving…..  real spine tingling harmonies…   Dear God but Pergolesi was an incredible composer, and he only lived to be about 27 years old apparently.

And now a version sung by an Armenian group….    The harmonies when the soprano first starts to sing, and the second singer joins in is almost painful it is so beautiful.

So, there you have a small collection of intriguing, moving and insanely beautiful music to generate ideas in your students….  Have fun!

Share with us.

If you use any of these suggested resources, do please drop by and let us know, and if possible, also share what was produced.

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