Odd And Thoughtful Videos

Here are a handful of weird and wonderful animations that I have come across in my wanderings deep in the bowels of Youtube – A habit of mine, you understand.

Some of these animations are peaceful and dreamy, such as the first one, which is basically an animation all about going on an acid trip (LSD), which I came across the other day and fell in love with at once.  It has such a gentle and amiable feeling about it, as you will see.

It doesn’t really need anything much being said about it, as it speaks perfectly well for itself.   One of those little films that is complete in itself.   I have to admit that I really loved the music and sound effects as well, they set the mood so admirably.

This next one however, which reasonably enough (watch it and you will see why I say that) is called Greed, and is a very different kettle of fish.   Edgy, aggressive, and frightening, it is a sort of allegory about life.   Not a gentle or friendly film at all, but worth watching I feel.  And it does have a very obvious moral to it as well……..

See what I mean?

Next I offer you a German film, which is called Creation, and is – obviously – all about the creation of life on our planet, but in a very different way to the normal approach to this process…..    As the guy who made the film says:

“The film depicts the creation of the world through playful images that draw parallels with the creative process associated with art. It focuses on the problems and dangers involved. But all’s well that ends well – because we’re at the movies”

Odd isn’t it?   But I hope you will agree, beautifully made and entertaining too.

Now we are moving into a truly strange world.  The makers of this curious animation have this to say of their film:

“Two young cowboys spend their days in the cool shade of a rock, but at night they make their way to the bazaar of sexual desire. Drifting further and further in, they encounter many dangerous and fascinating characters. Eventually they realize that they are completely lost. By the time they manage to leave, they find that their lives have been changed forever”  

I don’t really know what to say about this weird and rather worrisome film, except that I found it spell binding and well worth sitting back and watching it all the way through as our two heroes experience the strange events that the film’s makers have decided they should undergo.  An odd and likeable film I found.

And now we have yet another film all about the difficulties of life.  This one is called Angst, and to quote the maker is all about the following:

“From the day André was born, he was harassed by the wind, which resulted in a fear of it. Angst is beautiful and strange Animation”

So we follow him from the moment of his birth, through his growing up phase, always with the wind as a sort of companion to his development…

A very sad story of a deeply disturbed small person, but one that I think will stick in your mind for a long time after you have seen it.

And now, as the last one of this collection, we have a story of a robot that continues to carry out its preprogrammed tasks for decades after the last human has died….  A sad tale all about faithfulness and futility.   In passing I have to say that it is also beautifully made, animation of a very high order in my view.

So, that is it for today, I hope very much that one or more of these films I have found has given you some pleasure, and that you will return here when I have posted another handful of films that have caught my fantasy.

Share with us:

Let us know what you felt about any of these films, did they appeal to you, and if so why?   Or not, of course.

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