Curious And Odd Images

Once again I have made a small collection of images that I think could be useful as idea generators, pictures that kids could easily use to set their fantasy off in order to write entertaining and quirky stories.  And of course, not only kids, all sorts and ages of us could use one or more of these images to be the start point of a story.Early-view-of-Queen-Street-Brisbane-Queensland-ca.-1864

This is a photo of what Brisbane used to look like, which is not really important.  The reason I chose this image is that it shows a town that was very much a frontier town, farm animals wandering around the street, a mud street you may note…  So it seemed to me that there must be dozens of stories lurking in this straight-forward looking photo…

Go for it, and let me know what you (or your students) make of it please.

KKK Ferris

This is plain weird….  Apparently it is a photo of a gang of KKK idiots on a group outing….  What fun they all seem to be having – or at least if they were honest (and brave enough) to show their faces it might be possible to see how they are all laughing and having a great time on that Ferris Wheel…  Anyhow, politics and decency to one side for a minute, this is an epically odd image seems to me, and once again, surely any of you could find a story in it?


Apparently this is a photo of an abandoned Lunatic Asylum, has to be a story there I feel….

puppet show

Here we have a bunch of kids having a great time watching a puppet show – to judge from their expressions, it has to be a Punch and Judy show.    Anyhow, what can you make of this one?  Particularly the little girl who is obviously less than pleased with what she is seeing…

spooky couple

Just plain spooky I feel….   A starting point for a nightmarish tale obviously.

And talking of spooky…………………….

ventriloquist dummy

Believe it or not, this is apparently a photo of a ventriloquist and his dummy….   Though what it is really about I have no idea.. But it is truly horrible, and can surely be used as the foundation, or end point of a ghostly story I feel.


And as a last one.. a most unlikely photo of Stalin…  Why was he cocking a snook at the camera? What is behind his cheerful demeanour?   Had he just ordered the execution of a couple of thousand of his enemies?   Been told that Hitler was dead?   Anyone’s guess I think, but I would be intrigued to see what you make of this one…

Share with us:

If you use any of these images as the basis of a story that you write, or that students of yours write, do come back and share it with us please?

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