Strange Images For Creative Writing

Continuing my search for images that might be useful to give kids the needed nudge to start to write creatively, here is a collection of extremely odd images of even odder people doing odd things.

To be honest, most of these images seem to me to be completely impossible to find any sort of rational explanation for, but that is precisely why I have chosen them, as in order to explain them one needs to let fantasy rip, and venture out into the uncharted regions of one’s imagination.


You see what I mean?  Try and find an explanation for this one that is not totally insane.


OK, even Yetis need to get to work I suppose……..


Don’t even ask what she is doing!!!!

Very Odd and Funny B&W Photos That Cannot Be Explained (32)

This must be part of some sort of Balkan or Scandinavian folk dance?


Um, yes…………………….


No idea!  But I find the creature on the left deeply worrying….  And why on earth would she want to sit on a small alligator I wonder.


Early experiments with Photoshop?




Walmart I believe.


The mind boggles….. What will you guys make of this extraordinary portrait I wonder.


Another mind boggler I feel………………  To be honest, I find this one very disturbing.   She is so calm about apparently being propositioned by a mouse on steroids…  Not a pleasing image.

Share with us:

Do come back and let me know what (if anything) you have made of one or more of these weird images, and if you would like it, I will happily print your work here on the blog for all to enjoy.

Or if you use any of them in your classroom to encourage the creative juices to flow in your students, do let us know if it helped or not.

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