Odd And Curious Images

Here are another load of odd and intriguing (and mostly inexplicable) images that might be used to spark off a creative writing class in a school, or simply to give your imagination a challenge – What on earth are they all about????

I shan’t attempt to put any sort of title or comment by these images, but simply bung them here and leave it up to you to make of them what you can….  So let your mind go free and see what you can make using these images.

12247036_10153363339227144_7169928528042162018_n 12241530_10153367971582144_7394659097997149585_n 12314729_10153380031327144_3840490523668348641_o 12314644_10153398174832144_2567019252914722677_o

12359926_10153410891797144_3544732016407531293_n 12390918_10153420869537144_8676543099306616602_n 960046_10153428234137144_4730614703982585838_n

See what I mean?   Weird images….

Share with us:

If you do manage to make anything with any of these images,do please share them with us here, I will happily post them on the blog to share them with the rest of the world.

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