More Truly Odd Videos From Deep In Youtube

Once again I have taken my life in my hands, ensured that there is a rescue plan, and headed down into the darker depths of Youtube to see what weird and odd videos I might find lurking down there for my (and your) pleasure.  And did I ever find some strange ones too!!!!

Once one gets past the first level of automatic offerings from Youtube, one begins to come across extremely odd and frequently inexplicable videos, such as this one.  What on earth did he think of as he made this video?   The mind boggles.

Do you see what I mean?  This guy sat down and created this video, took trouble to get the images he wanted, and spliced them all together behind a long shot of his face.   Not a photo of his face, but him looking into the camera for the entire 1.33 minutes that his video lasts….   Odd I think you will agree.   And all those more or less apocalyptic images behind him.  Are they meant to tell you something about him or…….

Anyhow, lets just accept the fact that it is strange and move on…

To this one, even weirder in another way.. a relatively long, very well made video that seems utterly pointless, and to have nothing resembling a plot… except this girl drawing in the air with an enormous pencil… with a face!

To be honest, I can’t think of anything to say about this one.  I enjoyed it and found it extremely compelling, but haven’t a clue what its maker was trying to tell me.   Sort of like peaceful music as a background to looking at the night sky…  Saying nothing, but being good for the soul nonetheless.

If you can make anything of it, I will be very happy to hear what you thought..

And now we descend into the depths of total insanity.  This one of what I assume is meant to be Mickey Mouse having some sort of epileptic fit is simply very scary.  I think it was made in Russia in the early 1920’s, but why it was made escapes me.

Anyhow, here it is in all its extraordinary insanity..  I hope you enjoy it and that it doesn’t come back and haunt you at night.

Evil and scary isn’t it?

From this we move into the area of total silliness, here we have an old man, singing (very badly) what I am told is the Russian National Anthem, with an alien, a shark, a dinosaur and a cat accompanying him….    Nothing much to be said about this, except it is truly silly…

Silly eh? But endearing I think.

And now folks!!!!!!  Basic hat flipping for beginners, the video you have been hunting for all your life has finally been made!   What can I say about this one?   Perhaps it fills a deep need, and I have to admit the kid does a good job of flipping his hat, and of explaining how you can master this essential skill so that you can be one of the boys out there on the street.

So sit back and learn.

I assume that “hqt” should have been “hat” by the way.   Ah the joys of proof reading.

And to finish off, I have a seriously scary and worrying video for you.   The description under this one says the following:

“Any time is a great time to share the gift of Curby with friends & loved ones alike.”

And then we see this very unpleasant little video…

Apart from demonstrating very clearly how scary clowns actually are, watch any small child with clowns, they are always terrified, this video (or is it an ad for the clown in question?) seems utterly pointless to me.

So, there is a small set of odd and more or less intriguing videos for your watching pleasure, more to come in the next few days…

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